Why Work With Us?

A Proven Entity

ComputerVisionSoftware was created to showcase our expertise in computer vision and graphics technologies. Dynamic Ventures was established as a California corporation in 1986 based in Cupertino, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. In 1993, Dynamic Ventures shifted its focus from "software products" to software consulting services. And in 2003, we launched our international operations.

Culture of Excellence

Our corporate culture is based on the Silicon Valley "HP Way." We value honesty and integrity in everything we do, respect for individual, innovation and achievement through effective collaboration, and passion for delivering the best possible results for you.

Superior Team

We take pride in the success of our clients. By hiring developers who are experts in their fields and following the Agile development methodology, we deliver reliable, easy-to-use software that addresses the real world issues our customers face.

Understanding Your Needs

To start, we focus on the big picture of what your project needs to accomplish. You tell us your scenarios and provide us with any images or videos you might have. And together, we figure out the details… even when your specifications are fuzzy and your requirements are subject to change.

Working Together

We strive to ensure the right balance between eliciting your feedback and respecting your time. This way, you can be confident everyone is on the same page and contributing to the fullest.

We Handle Ambiguity

Many organizations have a clear vision of what they need, but lack the time to write comprehensive requirements documents. We understand how to work with incomplete or ambiguous requirements. Our rapid development methods assure effective, intuitive solutions no matter how complex or ambiguous the challenge.

Relationship of Trust

We earn your trust by listening to you, actively. And by applying our expertise and experience to advance your best interests.

Advanced Engineering Meets
Intuitive User Experiences

Even with the most advanced mathematics and algorithms known today, ComputerVision technology alone won't meet every need your users face. Still, we can solve your problem. How? With our expertise in human factors, we deliver solutions that make it easy for your users to supply the missing information and bypass the limits of technology.

Increase the Value of
Your Intellectual Property

Dynamic Ventures has developed a robust process for protecting our clients' intellectual property. You get the advantage of our existing technology and code base while retaining total ownership and control of your IP and confidential information.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology calls for building software in a series of short iterations. Together, we share feedback regularly and your prototype quickly evolves into a robust, user-friendly and fully functional application that is easy to maintain and easy to evolve.

"Re-factoring" for High-Quality Code

Re-factoring saves time and increases quality. At every step of the project life cycle, we continually refactor (revamp) the code and the architecture to improve its internal structure. As a result, you receive software that is clean and lean. This simplifies the code and ensures you have a flexible architecture and infrastructure making it easier to evolve or change at a later date.

Let us help you succeed

Whether you have detailed requirements or just a basic concept, our team can help you define the best technical approach, and provide cost estimates for a custom application you or your clients will love.
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