Offer your clients ComputerVision software customized for their needs

Bring higher value products to market

Advances in video and image processing can be used to create powerful, high-value applications for science and industry. We partner with innovative companies looking to deliver products with cutting-edge functionality:

We design simple, intuitive interfaces (the UI) customized for your products, to make complex systems practical and easy to use.

Leverage our rich software code base

A critical ComputerVisionSoftware advantage is our rich code base of ComputerVision functions - reusable components that can be used in building new applications.

Build your brand and image

You get proprietary software to market under your name, with your exclusive branding and UI, incorporating your subject matter expertise and confidential processes.

Increase the value of your intellectual property

ComputerVisionSoftware not only protects your intellectual property, but helps you unlock hidden value in your IP and confidential information. Applications we have developed for clients have been credited with enhancing the client's reputation for technical innovation – in some cases being a key factor leading to mergers and acquisitions.

We develop custom ComputerVision apps for vertical market OEMs, ISVs, and VARs

You know your market and your customers better than anyone.

We know how to build practical, easy-to-use ComputerVision products for you that can identify, measure, track and count.

Let us show you how...

ComputerVision Software for vertical market OEMs, ISVs, and VARs

Let us help you succeed

Whether you have detailed requirements or just a basic concept, our team can help you define the best technical approach, and provide cost estimates for a custom application you or your clients will love.
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