Simplify measuring and inspection with Kinect

Our specialized software can transform Kinect into a cost-effective measuring tool. Measurements of predefined parts can be generated automatically, or the software can be used to take measurements in real time between points the user selects manually.

Typical applications

Kinect offers practical measuring and inspection for a variety of applications:

How it works

The Kinect depth sensor captures information about the distance from the camera to each point on the surface of the object. We've developed specialized algorithms to convert this distance information into accurate measurements you read or can output in any format. Automated alerts can tell you when a certain measurement doesn't meet a standard, or to reject a product that doesn't meet a specification.

Let us help you succeed

Whether you have detailed requirements or just a basic concept, our team can help you define the best technical approach, and provide cost estimates for a custom application you or your clients will love.
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